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A Different Drummer

We have a confession to make. We're not a high-powered, publicly-traded, multi-national homebuilding conglomerate. It's not that we'd mind the fancy headquarters, it's just that we'd rather obsess over interesting architectural flourishes and nifty hardware than typical, assembly-line solutions. The thing is, we really love beautiful homes and neighborhoods that's why we got into this business in the first place.

You might say we have sort of a Bed & Breakfast mentality in a Chain Hotel World. Not that we're short on experience–in fact we come from years of running large homebuilding companies. We just figured we'd be able to offer a lot more attention to detail as a small passionate company, instead of a big corporate one. How are we doing? Well, we're pleased to report that, from our very first neighborhood, SeaCountry has been consistently honored with some very prestigious design awards. Which is great. But, at the end of the day, the folks we work hardest to impress are the ones who yearn to live somewhere special. Like you, perhaps.

At SeaCountry Homes, we've tried hard to understand what makes you feel at home, and strive to build those things into everything we do. We're proud of the details that make us different, and look forward to welcoming you home.

Charming Places

...Maybe it's the sense of community, accented by inviting streetscapes, welcoming homes, and the delightful squeals of neighborhood children.

...Perhaps it's our authentic exteriors-featuring memorable adornments like verandas, shutters, and corbels-typically found only in custom homes.

...Maybe it's our interior flourishes-wine cellars, sweeping stairways, spacious kitchens and a host of standard options like designer faucets, light fixtures, functional-yet-elegant countertops, and easy-to-live-with flooring.

Or, perhaps it's the things you can't see–the quality construction and craftsmanship that go into every SeaCountry home. From the most experienced sub-contractors to third-party building inspectors, we ensure the finest workmanship at every step. In addition, our homes feature an array of standard construction upgrades to make your life more comfortable and ensure that your house will stand the test of time-high-speed wiring for internet access and in-home networking, pre-wired/pre-plumbed air conditioning set-up, insulated plumbing bays to minimize noise, and post-tension concrete foundation slabs–to name just a few.

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