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For SeaCountry homeowners, a pleasurable home buying experience isn't an oxymoron, it's a reality. We've made dreams come true for hundreds of new homeowners, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge, our expertise, and our unique SeaCountry approach with you, too.

Fundamental to this approach is our Customer Care program, which begins with a promise: To "deliver, educate, provide personal care, and respect," all the while reinforcing your decision to purchase a SeaCountry Home.

Like trusted friends, your SeaCountry team will walk you through every step of the construction and buying process. An experienced sales counselor will carefully explain the sales process to ensure you are comfortable with each milestone. Your construction team, headed by the Superintendent, will also be available to answer questions and clarify processes at every step through our "Ask a Superintendent" program. We'll also introduce you to our preferred lenders, chosen for their outstanding ability to streamline the financing process and reduce costly, stressful last-minute delays.

As move-in day approaches, you will participate in three significant events. First, your pre-drywall/ framing walkthrough, hosted by the Superintendent himself, will give you a firsthand "behind-the-walls" look at your new home. Next, you'll attend our Move-In Orientation, where you'll tour your new neighborhood and meet your new neighbors, all while reviewing the final steps in purchasing your home. Just prior to move-in, you'll walk through your new home with your customer care representative at your Homeowner Orientation. This is the time to review finish quality, and become familiar with your home's features, care and maintenance requirements.

All of these events are supported by a wealth of information from beginning to end. Once you purchase a SeaCountry home, you'll also receive a comprehensive homeowner manual to help you protect your investment for years to come.

Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with every facet of your home buying experience. That's the SeaCountry way.

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